Top 7 Dental Clinics in Costa Rica for Dental Implants

Top 7 Dental Clinics in Costa Rica for Dental Implants

Why is it that a growing number of clients have undergone dental implants in Costa Rica? What is so special about Costa Rica that it has become more than just a name? The answer lies mainly in its beautiful scenery and not so expensive dental services. You can tour around and enjoy the beauty of the place as well as beautify yourself with their excellent dental implants.

Seven of the top dental clinics in Costa Rica include: Advance Dental Costa Rica Dental Implants Costa Rica; Meza Dental; New Smile Dental Group; Luciano Retana; Prisma Dental Implants; and Colina Dental.

Advance Dental Costa Rica Provides Superior Dental Service

Many Americans are seeking for a better life with affordable dental care that they cannot find at their locality. In Costa Rica, Advance Dental prides itself of world class experts and state of the art equipment that is at par with the US quality. Dr. Eugenio Brenes, its Director, is a Prosthodontist trained and certified in the US. The materials used as well as the facilities in this clinic are FDA approved ensuring the safety and welfare of its American clients. At Advance Dental, affordability and quality are found in just one place.

Dental Clinic: Advance Dental Costa Rica
Address: Hospital Cima, Torre 2, Suite 619, San José Province, San Rafael, Costa Rica
Tel: +506-2208-8619

Dental Implants Costa Rica Integrates Finest of Dentistry

At Dental Implants Costa Rica, the best in dental practice and services are put together to maximize the satisfaction of its clients. Dr. Mario Garita, who has excellently done more than 250 successful cases in a matter of two years, founded the All-on-4 technique in Costa Rica. This procedure consists of screw-retained, permanent, same-day replacement for the whole lower or upper set of teeth. Just imagine, you can have your replacement in just one day – saving not only your money but also your time. Clients choose the All-on-4 procedure because of its low cost and beauty, success rate, safety, and the growing incidents of terminal dentition.

Meza Dental Makes Patients Smile


Meza Dental literally makes its clients smile not only because of the high quality dental care they receive but also because of its affordability. It fulfills its clients’ expectations by providing personalized care along with its high quality implants and cosmetic dental services. Meza focuses in making the dental visit a friendly and comfortable experience eliminating the fear of pain and trauma. Its specialization is full mouth restorations and lasting dental tourism with the best materials and services.

New Smile Dental Group Rediscovers Smiling


A full-service dental clinic is found in Costa Rica under the name of New Smile Dental Group. Clients can smile confidently again after their visit to the dental center that is reputed for its highly trained and certified general dentists and experts. Up-to-date dental techniques, materials, and technology are used to provide restorative, cosmetic, and preventive dental procedures. Endodontics, Prosthodontics, Periodontics, and Oral Surgery top its expertise. Specifically, the treatments include: teeth whitening, crowns and bridges, SmileVeneers, cosmetic and prosthetic restorations, and full mouth reconstructions.

Luciano Retana Offers High Level Results


Dr. Luciano Retana is a well-known dental surgeon and a successful Implant Dentistry Specialist. He and his staff maintain friendly professionalism that keep their local and foreign clients fully satisfied. Because of his excellent practice, he is able to perform dental procedures in five major dental clinics in the country. He and his team is committed to give the best and dependable dental care along with their updated techniques and treatments based on thorough research. Clients leave his clinic with genuine smiles on their faces.

Prisma Dental Implants Perform Permanent Smiles


Prisma Dental Implants has dental implants in Costa Rica that is highly recommended for young and old. Missing teeth becomes a history as superior techniques are employed to achieve the best aesthetic and functional dental implants for each client. They also perform full mouth restoration that leaves the patient with improved appearance and healthy smile. The cosmetic dental procedures are more than what can be expected with the cost that eager clients are able to spend. It prides of its more than 30 years of dental service headed by the world class oral surgeon, Dr. Josef Cordero, and the expert in full aesthetic work and mouth restoration, Dr. Telma Rubinstein.

Colina Dental Delivers Premium Quality Care

Colina Dental Costa Rica

Colina Dental offers premium quality dental care with modern general and cosmetic dental services and facilities in a friendly atmosphere. The reputable team of professionals that are part of Colina Dental diligently treat each patient with gentle and personalized care; the aim of which is to give them full satisfaction. Looking and feeling good have always been the main goal of the team. Their services include: dental implants, beautiful cosmetic procedures, and restorative services. Sedation dentistry is also available for patients who are scared of undergoing said procedures.

You can certainly find affordable procedures done by dental experts at the best dental implants clinics in Costa Rica.